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NUBBEK II – Fokus Study Brandenburg

The first NUBBEK study (National Study on Early Childhood, Education and Care) conducted in 2010 presented the first national, systematic and evidence-based analysis of the quality of education, childcare and support in nurseries, crèches and daycare facilities. After 10 years and major changes to the nursery system in Germany, groundbreaking insights will be updated and improved with NUBBEK II.

The planned new study will analyze the quality of care (measured by instruments from the ERS-family) for 2 und 4 years old children in crèches and mixed age groups settings. In addition, their developmental status of 2 years old children (e.g. linguistic, cognitive and social-emotional competencies, daily living skills) will be examined.

Within the scope of NUBBEK II, the “Focus Study Brandenburg” will hold a basic, broad review of quality in early childhood education. It involves detailed observations during the 2021/2022 year of the process quality in 100 groups of 2-year-old children from crèches and mixed age groups (Module 1), 150 groups of 4-year-old children (Module 2), 50 daycare settings and 50 after-school groups (Module 3). The cognitive and social skills of around 200 2-year-old children will be tested in a playful format. Best-practice examples (e.g. on the topic of “participation”) will be derived from a subsample of 25 institutions and these could be included in the NUBBEK II study.

Chart timeline NUBBEK II – Fokus Study Brandenburg